STORMKRACH _ Substratum Records (Netherlands)

The Stormkrach project started late 2010. In their productions and on stage, while dj-ing or doing a live PA, Stormkrach explores the darkest depths of electronic music. By opening their deep inner soul, they release to the world their dark atmospheric sounds, pulsating rhythms and unconventional…[Read More]

Download Emission#162


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  1. radio says:

    • Tracklisting •

    • Luis Flores – New Flesh (Drumcell Remix)
    • Leak – Cold Future
    • Claudio PRC – Commutate
    • Shifted – More Static
    • Hartner – Knadderadatsch
    • Groof – Amb
    • Unknown – Unknown
    • The Advent and Jason Fernandes – Omen (Sasha Carassi Remix)
    • Gianluca Angelini – Nemesis (Conrad Van Orton Rebuilding)
    • Armando Martins – Ostrich
    • DJ Emerson – Brokery (kalden Bess 5AM Remix)
    • David Dee and Typical Twins – Woodoor
    • Dolby D and Elbodrop – Silver Eagle (Mark Angel Remix)
    • Logotech – 0.8 (Conrad Van Orton Remix)
    • Gayle San – Bad Bitch (Sasha Carassi Remix)
    • Alberto Pascual – Tela Absorbente
    • Kiki Pravda – Anthropic (Oscar Mulero Remix)
    • Erphun – Konviction (Alex Bau Repaint)
    • Shapednoise – Andromeda
    • Deh-Noizer – Shellschock (Sutter Cane Remix)
    • Luis Ruiz – Anunnaki Invasion (Oscar Mulero Remix)
    • Emika – Chemical Fever (Re-edit)

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