BRIAN BURGER  _  Nachtstrom / Gayle San Rec (FRA)

Brian Burger is a Strasbourg (Fr) based DJ and producer. Already fascinated even as a child and further on as a teenager by electronic sounds, instruments & computers in the eighties, he soon started experimenting mixtapes. But It’s only in the nineties that he discovers the style which corresponds him best, starting professional Djing. Quickly gaining a solid reputation thanks to a focused dark minimalistic style, Brian never compromizes about what he considers…[Read More]

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14ANGER  _  Morforecs / Club Poison (FRA)

14anger is a time traveler. Collector of techno classics, admirer of futuristic sequencing, he weaves these together for an eternal timed prophecy rave. Vehement manufacturer of electronic music, not of the norm, giving deep and lyrical, solid originality, spurred out of years spent in Industrial, EBM, and doomcore to his melodic synth pads. 14anger is cultivated dancefloor, serious as a heart attack without resuscitation. Disciplined? Determined. Ecstasy? Rave. For certain…[Read More]

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H. PAUL  _  Induxtriall Records / Armatura Bonus (ESP)

In his eight-year career as a DJ has experienced a variety of musical styles, sharing tastes and styles.This artist and producer has become a very versatile dj with trends focused and dialed in his sets.Paul has shared the stage with artists such as: Dj Pepo, Reeko, Mark Broom, Maral Samassi, David Moleon, Fran Acuña, DJ Frederick, Ivan Devero, J.leyend, Alfonso Sanchez, Elektrikall,, J- AlQantara, Raul Pacheco, Aphonico , Rafael Cardenas, Moy Detroit, among many others.Acting in different clubs and festivals such as: Room Mattrix (Badajoz) On (Cáceres) Status Lounge… [Read More]

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