SILVANO SCARPETTA  _  Darknet /  Crunch Control  (DE)

For Silvano Scarpetta, the whole techno story started in 2003. Aged 17, he was infected by the techno virus through a buddy, kicked off Djing with 18 and didn’t stop ever since. In 2012, he additionally started producing his own tracks and began networking with other young talents from the underground techno scene. His talent, enthusiasm and growing experience over the last ten years brought him from friends homes and private locations to several well known clubs and got his name written … [Read More]

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LUKA COCNRETE  _  Concrete Djz  /  Beton Podcast  (RS)

Part of the Concrete Djz crew from Serbia, Luka has always been considered a jewel amongst Serbian Techno Djz. His distinctive & addictive mixing style has grabbed audiences through out Serbia for the past 15 years, having him played regularly on such events as Lucky Records Showcase, Edit:Tehno, Hear.It.Feel.It.Move.It and many other as support for some of the biggest international names in the dj world… [Read More]

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TACTIC TECH  _  Picche  /  Drumlore  (RS)

Tactic Tech is Nikola Markovski from Serbia. His interest with the electronic music started at the begining of 2001. Great influence from techno sound those years inspired Nikola to start his musical adventure. After many years working as a DJ he decided to start producing his own music… In 2010. his first EP was released on Silvernoise Rec./UK. Till now he released on Ektoplazm, Picche Records, WestOne records, Blackeye Records, Proton music… [Read More]

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