LOCOMATICA  _  LCMTC  /  Phobiq  (RS)

After years of sharing the same passion for electronic music and the techno genre in particularly during their teenage years, the late 90s and early 2000s, and following the underground scene with same interest and curiosity, two best friends from school, Marko Mratinkovic and Vladan Zegarac, have decided to take a serious step forward with their musical education and raw talent. Their story officially started… [Read More]

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After 15 years field of experience in clubbing, monitoring techno scene and more than 10 years of mixing in total underground, motivated by the lack of hardgroove techno music on the local scene, Marko quits his regular job and makes risky move. He decided to give 100% of himself to the music by listening, gathering and mixing, strongly believing that he is going to achieve his goal and become a known DJ. Together… [Read More]

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GEDEVAAN _ Lead Square / Android Muziq  (RUS)

From the industrial bases of the Ural Mountains. From the sacred sources of deep superimposed fogs. There is a modern reasonable techno project. Sergey Yakovlev ran this project called Gedevaan in 2010. And at the same time he tried to djing on various underground floors at inside of his native district. But he implement and express himself more as a home studio producer than a club artist. A lot of music was released on his own label Lead Square. It were first albums like “… [Read More]

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