ATIE HORVAT   _  Dystopian Rhythm / Ybookings (NL)  

Atie Horvat (Horvát Attila) Underground electronic music producer  was born on the 24th on June, 1989 in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (today Serbia). Music has always been a part of his interests. After influence of Hefty,Gabeen,Stevie Wilson, DKult in 2012 October he descided to start producing.Early 2013 he won the Ronny Vergara’s Hypomania remix contest (Resorted Recordings Unlimited)…[Read More]

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HORROR BRAWL   _  Digital Distortions / Limetree (UK)  

Horror Brawl is Bushby & Mallory. After meeting at Leeds infamous Back 2 Basics club and shopping at the same record shops they struck up a friendship and DJing partnership that has spanned 15 years. During that time they have held various residencies in their home town of Leeds including the legendary techno night Detatched…[Read More]

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Kontravolt, is a DJ and a producer from BIH. He was born in Sarajevo in 1991, but due war, he was forced to move with his family to this small north-eastern town in 1995. His DJ carrer officially began at the age of 19 when his sets started broadcasting on a most popular bosnian radio Bobar. Since he lived in a rural area he was exposed to lots of commercial, non-artistic music but stayed unchanged and  kept his controversial musical style and his love for techno never faded. To him, techno is a OST…[Read More] 

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