ATIE HORVAT  _  Dystopain Rythym / De-Konstrukt  (RS)

Atie Horvat (Horvát Attila) was born on the 24th on June, 1989 in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (today Serbia). Music has always been a part of his interests, always wanted to become a DJ, taking after his father (who was active in the ‘70s and ‘80s and hosted a locally famous radio show for 6 years in the 2000s). He grew up listening to classic disco hits, Trance and Rave. After the divorce of his parents, his taste changed drastically and he only found relief in… [Read More]

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BOJAN VUKMIROVIC  _  Concept Recordings / Concrete Djz  (RS)

Since early 90′s Bojan was immersed into electronic sounds that captured his interest with it’s unlimited possibilities. His inspiration comes from the producers that left a big impact on him during the early years, such as glenn wilson, headroom,adam beyer,patrik skoog,cari lekebusch,chris liebing,dean rodell,henrik b,the advent…Naturaly driven to make his own sounds Bojan started shaping his productions at the turn of the century. Paralel with producing he dedicated his time to dj-ing and to this day he keeps the balance of the two active. His vision of techno is the one of future… [Read More]

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JHON SPARK  _  Next Week Records / Freitag Limited  (NL)

Jhon Christian Cardenas was born and raised in a very modest family in Cali, Colombia. Thanks to his uncle from the Netherlands he got in touch with the electronic sounds at a very young age. From that time on his love for the music began and his dream to become a DJ/Producer started to grow. ?At the age of 17 he packed his bags, left Colombia and moved to Amsterdam. It didn’t took him a long time to make his dream come true. He started in a small studio of a friend in Amsterdam. He played… [Read More]

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