MUDROST  _  Wunderblock Records  (RS)

Tracklisting is Not available for this jam session from Mudrost, but theres lots of gems to dig! :) Also, whole crew wishes you have a nice holiday season and we thank you for a great Techno year!! See you in 2015 !! Beton Podcast Team

Download Emission#270

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HOTH SYSTEM  _  Labrynth  /  Cicuta  (UK)

Hoth System is Tony McMurray, a Belfast based producer and DJ. He started listening to Techno in the mid 90s and was first inspired by the likes of Dave Clarke, Jeff Mills, Joey Beltram, Thomas Krome and Surgeon. In recent years he has had numerous productions released on various labels like Naked Lunch, Labrynth, Audioexit, Corrupt Systems, Cicuta and others… [Read More]

Download Emission#269

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LOCOMATICA  _  LCMTC  /  Phobiq  (RS)

After years of sharing the same passion for electronic music and the techno genre in particularly during their teenage years, the late 90s and early 2000s, and following the underground scene with same interest and curiosity, two best friends from school, Marko Mratinkovic and Vladan Zegarac, have decided to take a serious step forward with their musical education and raw talent. Their story officially started… [Read More]

Download Emission#268

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