KILL REF _  Ribbon Recordings  /  Labrynth  /  Patterns  (IT)

Ref is Alessandro Signore. Dj & producer. His path has begun since 1994 in Latina’s province, middle-southern Italy. He quickly became one of the main djs in the most important clubs of this area : ones such as Giona, Zen e Dinamik Area. Among the mid 90s and the average 2000s has became the key player in the meaningful techno club scene in Rome : in clubs such as Brancaleone, Lanificio, Rashomon. Then at Init e at Traffic club working alongside Korova in their Glucose season.Now, since 2011 he’s resident dj of “Rehab & Belli Freski” promotion at Ribbon Club Culture in Terracina (LT) and at their other open-air events such The Beach Invasion…[Read More]

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KONTRAVOLT  _  Kontravolt (BIH)

Hrkalo Radivoje, also known as Kontravolt, is a DJ and a producer from Bijeljina, BIH. He was born in Sarajevo in 1991, but due war, he was forced to move with his family to this small north-eastern town in 1995. His DJ carrer officially began at the age of 19 when his sets started broadcasting on a most popular bosnian radio Bobar, fridays 21:00 CET. Since he lived in a very rural area, he was exposed to many kinds of pure-commercial and non-artistic sell-out sounds but he retained unchanged but he kept his controversial musical style and his love to techno never faded…[Read More]

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CONCRETE DJZ  _  Armatura Records / Mastertraxx (RS)

The DJ’s behind Concrete Djz became involved with electronic music around the year 1997 with the emerging clubscene in Belgrade. Soon after, love towards music pushed them further with sound exploration and will to start their own story. Since the official forming of Concrete Djz group in 2003. they are responsible for numerous organized parties in Serbia, continuing to do so today aswell. In this time period Concrete Djz could also have been heard at various venues throughout their homeland Serbia, aswell abroad, in countries like England, Wales, Macedonia, Brazil, Italy…[Read More]

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